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What is

Like the paperclip the paper clip and the cheese-slicer say cheese  :-) , Pinto Board is invented in 
Norway . It was invented in 1947 by a man who was tired of not finding his papers 
when he needed them. The concept was to create a device small enough to fit in the briefcase and big enough to hold up to 20 sheets of paper. He wanted it to be 
lightweight and he wanted to be able to use it as a clipboard.

The idea he came up with was unique, and yet so simple. One aluminum plate, 3 feet with
spring wire and a couple of days trying different solutions before he came up with the result
looking pretty much like the background picture on this web-site. 

  is used by many companies, such as  SAS (Scandinavian Airline System) where is used by the airline pilots and the ground crew.
Hospitals and the military in Norway is amongst our customers, as well as NATO.
The famous Norwegian explorer and archeologist, Thor Heyerdahl, has used on some of his expeditions.



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